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Construction Division

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General Information

Founded and registered in 2007, Little Five Tours Limited is a Kenyan based general contractor, material supplies and construction management company with Category “4” for Roads, Building and Waterworks. We are registered with the National Construction Authority(NCA). As a General Building Contractor/Material Supplies, we specialize in commercial, industrial and tenant improvement construction, with a particularly strong performance in concrete works. Our expertise spans a wide range—from pre-construction services to complete turn-key construction projects.

Services Provided

The following services are provided by the company:-
• Audits and assessments of existing structures;
• Construction of new structures;
• Installation of information and telecommunication equipment;
• Project management of on-going projects;
• Maintenance & rehabilitation/refurbishment of existing structures;
• Cost estimates of proposed projects;
• Preparation of tender and contract documents; Supervision and hiring of skilled labour;Roads and bridges construction;
• General building works;
• Water supply and sanitation projects;
• Drainage and foundation works;
• Electrical and mechanical installations;
• Quantity Survey;
• Electrical and structural engineering.
• General supplies of construction work (River Sand, Cement, Ballast, Metal etc)

Our Goal and Approach

To provide a higher level of service than is found with any other company in the construction industry. We consistently bring superior craftsmanship to every project- whether constructing an office block for a national client or constructing and maintaining a road within the rural counties. Our successful superior service delivery approach is based on
aggressive subcontractor and supplier administration, accurate cost control and low overhead. We employ only qualified subcontractors and suppliers who share our goal in creating a quality cost- competitive project. Because scheduling and budget concerns are important to us, we assign a team of experts to every project from the earliest design and
pre-construction phases through post-construction clean up. Our team’s goal is to create distinctive design ideas and develop streamlined methods of construction that suit each project specifically. We also provide our clients with reliable and expedient information throughout the construction process, ensuring well- informed decision making that ultimately enhances the quality of our final product. The direction we provide is based on a thorough knowledge of the industry and our clients’ specific needs.

Tools & Equipment

The company owns the following equipment:-

  • Toyota pickups
  • Trucks
  • Arc Welders
  • GI pipe threading machine
  • Electric drills
  • Shovels, wheel burrows and mattocks
  • Motor Grader
  • 20-ton Excavator
  • Theodolite and Staff
  • Pneumatic Compressor
  • Hand compactor with hammer
  • Roller Vibrator; (handheld)
  • Concrete mixers, etc.
  • Backhoe excavators (CAT)
  • D6, D7 & D8 Dozers (CAT)
  • Dynapac komatsu (CAT)
  • Pneumatic rollers
  • Flat Rollers(double dram)
  • Sheep-foot rollers

Client Base

Over time, we have established and maintained a strong working relationship with many government and private entities including the following:-

  • Government of Kenya
  • Ministry of Local Government;
  • Ministry of Roads;
  • Ministry of Public Works;
  • Mavoko Municipal Council;
  • Rumuruti Town Council
  • National Water Corporation;
  • KERRA;
  • KeNHA;
  • Kenya Tea Development Authority;
  • Private Developers.

Environmental Management

Little Five Tours Limited is committed to conducting its business in a manner that delivers leading Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) performance. This is consistent with our commitment to corporate citizenship, social responsibility and sustainability.

We provide services that are environmentally sound throughout their lifecycles, conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner, and create health and safety practices and work environments that enable our employees to work injury-free. We:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable EHS regulatory requirements as per the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act and the Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Regulations of the Laws of Kenya; aggressively pursue pollution prevention, energy conservation and waste reduction in our operations.
  • Seek to deliver our products to be safe to use, to minimize their use of energy and natural resources, and to enable their end of life recycling.

We achieve this high level of performance by integrating EHS into our business planning and decision-making, maintaining global EHS performance standards, and establishing EHS goals and objectives that achieve continual improvement.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

The company shall provide each employee with a safe and healthy place in which to work and reside in the case of distant contracts necessitating the need for accommodation.

  • Further, the company shall provide a safe and healthy environment for visitors, sub-contractors etc. who are required to enter construction site premises.
  • The Company will ensure that safe plant, machinery and equipment are provided for all management and workers and that safe and healthy work practices are employed.
  • The Company in implementing this policy will observe relevant occupational health and safety legislation as outlined in the Factories and other Places of Work Act and the Environmental Management and Coordination Act, among other legislation.
  • The Company will maintain an Occupational Health and Safety program. This program will focus responsibilities and resources in the areas of accident and injury prevention, hazard removal and control, health and welfare preservation, the development of safe and healthy work practices, the promotion of health and safety awareness, the provision of training in safe and healthy work practices, the compliance with health and safety legislation and regulations, the rehabilitation of injured employees and consultative mechanisms.
  • Overall responsibility for occupational health and safety at the Company rests with the site Resident Engineer. Further, all management and workers have a general responsibility in terms of the Factories Act to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. The broad parameters of these specific responsibilities are set out in the company’s policy document titled “Occupational Health,Safety and Welfare Objectives and Duties”.
  • The success of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy rests on the commitment of management at all levels to its successful implementation and to the involvement and commitment of management and workers.
  • To monitor and assist with the implementation of this policy, Occupational Health and Safety Committee has been established at each site and comprises the Site Foreman and the Resident Engineer. At each construction site, it is the responsibility of the management of that site, or the coordinating senior officer of the Company in regard to joint ventures, to ensure the operations at that site are compliant with applicable health and safety legislation.

Summary CV’s of Key Personnel

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